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Are you tired of websites that exploit people looking for love? So are we. Here at datefree.co.uk we offer FREE DATING, the only price you need to pay for your membership is 1 penny. Even this is only so we can verify your age as over 18. As we’ve just launched even our highest level of account is free.

It always seems so unfair that when people are at their most vulnerable there are dating websites standing by to charge extortionate fees for simply putting them in touch with potential friends, lovers and fiancés. Well we say NO MORE! We will always charge the absolute minimum we can manage to run our service and there will always be a functional FREE DATING version of our memberships, and when we say functional we mean it. We won’t stop you contacting the people you take a shine to, or take a shine to you! FREE DATING means FREE DATING! 

Mission Statement

We want you to find someone, and not just anyone. We want you to find ‘the one’, that one that wants the same things you want, that loves the same things you love.

To that end we’re going to give everyone an extended free period. Our base level is really functional and the (still inexpensive) paid levels simply add a little flourish to your account that extend the social functions of our site. Unlike other dating sites our base level won’t stop you contacting other members and making dates!

Our Philosophy

All our members will be asked to verify their age by making a small paypal transaction, and we mean small. It will be pennies, not pounds. This means you can be certain that the people you meet online are of a consensual age. be wary of the members who have not made this payment as we consider this to be suspicious. If you want more tips on verifying the contacts you make, see our tips area.

Meet  Our Team

Petra Clarke

Co-Founder, Director

I founded the site because what are the chances that your soulmate lives in the same town, or even the same country as you? Internet dating isn’t what it used to be, it’s now a way to cast a much wider net and increase your chances of finding the person you’re meant to be with.


Danielle Clarke

Co-Founder, Marketing Director

I got involved for the same reasons as Petra, and because so many sites charge so much money for simple introductions. Free sites are plastered with horrid adverts and spam for things you don’t need. We work mostly on donations. We don’t want ads distracting our members.



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Concernes or Questions

We are a very small company of volunteers in order to keep this service free, but we will try our best to answer any questions.

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