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This membership billing page only exists to administer the 1 penny identity verification charge for each member. We charge a penny via PayPal in order to verify that each member is not only a genuine person, but to also give us a digital trail back to the member should anything untoward happen. Bad behaviour will not be tolerated on our site, and by this we mean (amongst other things) the harassment or intimidation of any member by any other, for any reason.

Engaging in such behaviour will result in the suspension and/or deletion of the contentious account/s and at the discretion of the victim, authorities may be notified. If in our judgement any criminal activity is conducted we will notify the police and any other relevant bodies.

Remember that all profiles must comply with our terms and conditions, profiles that do not will be suspended and may be deleted.

We operate thanks to volunteers, donations and sales of our fashion items (which you are not obligated to buy by the way). Any links we may include on our site are for people we have DIRECTLY had dealings with, such as the lovely design agency who got our website up and running virtually free of charge – the wonderful If we link to anyone, you can be assured they are worthy of a visit and that we are not receiving any payment to recommend them.

We are also the only free dating website that has a system for verifying members as genuine. The 1 penny PayPal authentication provides protection for all of our members and reduces the risk of fraud and dishonesty.

Concernes or Questions

We are a very small company of volunteers in order to keep this service free, but we will try our best to answer any questions.

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