Reasons to join

Perhaps we should have called this section “reasons not to join”, because really we can’t think of any. We have 2 FREE PACKAGES, the second of which only asks for a penny so isn’t technically free. When you find out what that penny does you won’t mind paying it; it establishes members as real and verifies their membership comes from a genuine and traceable financial account. This really helps to establish people’s identities and prevent fake accounts, NO OTHER FREE SITE DOES THIS. We also have ADVANCED MATCHING SYSTEMS which are much more likely to find a genuine match than other free (or paid) sites. We have NO ADVERTISMENTS for third parties on our website as we survive purely from the generosity of our patrons and their donations (although you are not obligated to make a donation, feel free to use the site and services). Finally we genuinely want our members to find someone to love and not have to use our site anymore. In this we are unique.

100% FREE

Well 99.9%. You can register and create your profile for FREE! If you want to be verified and get more contact pay just 1 penny and become Paypal verified. Other members then know you’re genuine.

Advanced Compatibility

Our system only suggests matches that are highly compatible. We encourage our members to manually search and bear in mind ‘opposites attract’. We don’t restrict access to members even on our basic FREE account.

No Advertising!

We don’t know about you, but we really can stand adverts distracting us. If you appreciate this consider helping us survive as a business by making a small donation. No donation is too small and we appreciate anything. 


There are many reasons to join, safety, value, usability, but for us the main reasons to join can be boiled down to just one – we are a FREE DATING site with NO ADVERTISING and a PREMIUM INTERFACE.

Concernes or Questions

We are a very small company of volunteers in order to keep this service free, but we will try our best to answer any questions.

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